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Do you desire to grow closer to the Lord, but sense you could use a nudge in the right direction?

God desires to have meaningful moments with you, but in today’s fast-paced, noisy world, it can be challenging to make time to stop, look, and listen. At times, we can benefit from tools that get us into God’s Word in a structured, purposeful manner.

Whether you have an established time with God and are looking for fresh, thought-provoking material, or you want to begin a habit of daily connection with God, Truth Talk will guide you into meaningful, daily connection with your Savior.

Are you ready for your meaningful moments with God?

Truth Talk Features:

  • 365 inspiring daily devotionals based on God's Word, providing you meaningful moments with your Savior.

  • Daily "Pause to Ponder" section guiding you in practically applying God's truth.

  • Topical index offering support when you need specific encouragement or direction.



I continue to be amazed at how God has anointed your ministry.  His words to our often distant and conflicted hearts speak clearly through your Truth Talk devotions. It is a gift! And an anointed one by our Lord.


I’m so blessed each day when I open the Truth Talk devotional for the day. I need the extra instructions on how to turn it all over to Him, turn from those things that interfere with trusting in Him. 


I love your bite-size devotionals with giant-size truths! Clear, concise, direct, and overflowing with the Word and how to walk through life using it! I’ll be reading daily.


Thank you Jamie for this devotion. I’m working a 12-step program due to my alcohol and drug addiction. Your daily devotionals arrive at just the right time and help drive home what I’m learning in the program. They help me not to stumble. I’m becoming closer to God through your daily devotions.

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