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Truth Givers are a passionate and purpose-filled group of monthly givers committed to ending Biblical ignorance and illiteracy. Like-minded Christians, giving what they can to demonstrate how impactful we can be when we team up with God and work together.

Truth Givers embody a divine partnership, reaching people with God’s Truth which we unapologetically believe leads to total life transformation.

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Invested. United. Excited.

We want the community of Truth Givers to feel invested, united, and excited.

When you become a Truth Giver . . .

You will be a Kingdom Builder – You will be stewarding your God-given influence and means to take part in expanding His Kingdom. When you share the good news of the Gospel, you help build God’s Kingdom. When you assist people in reading, understanding, and applying God’s Word, you help build God’s Kingdom. When you offer people the hope and peace that come from a relationship with Jesus Christ, you help build God’s Kingdom.
You will be a Truth Giver – In a day and age where truth is both relative and subjective, you will daily provide God’s eternal Truth revealed in His Word—the Bible—to people in spiritual need. God’s Word convicts, encourages, equips, and transforms. When you help give out God’s Word, THAT is what you do for people!


Lindsey from California

There's so much I would love to share about Discovering Truth Ministries. The story that had us cross paths was such a massive God-moment for me. I know God is working through Jamie, and I truly feel God has led me to give to Discovering Truth Ministries. I'm so excited to see all that this ministry will accomplish for His kingdom!

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Jen from

North Carolina

I am honored to sow into Discovering Truth ministries! Jamie has an anointing for carrying the Lord's grace and truth to the ends of the earth!


Rex and Trish from California

Discovering Truth Ministries is led by a godly woman. We have watched Jamie turn to God and rely on Him through good and tough times, and she brings that hard-earned wisdom to her writing to bless others.

Tara Howell.jpg

Tara from Ohio

I have chosen to regularly support Discovering Truth Ministries because of the impact it is having on people. It has impacted me! I felt God's nudge to support this ministry, and I am excited to see what the future holds for Discovering Truth Ministries. God will move in big ways.

Take Your Place With Us!
Truth Givers are remarkable, generous, enthusiastic, and like-minded individuals.
We are Kingdom Builders and Truth Givers. Join us in giving God’s Truth today!

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