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ARE YOU WEARY OF FIGHTING against the barriers that repeatedly emerge in your life?


IS YOUR MIND NUMB AND EMOTIONS FRAYED from trying to make sense of where God is amid your circumstances?


ARE YOU DESPERATE AND DEFEATED as you look for God to reveal a way through life's challenges?


In the thick of your disillusionment and fatigue of your exhaustion, there is good news:  you are not the only one fighting. Your God is pursuing you with His goodness and mercy all the days of your life. No matter what is putting distance between you and God, your Father's arm is never too short to save. Through Christ, He moved heaven and earth to close the gap between you and Him, and He will not allow anything to come between you now.


God desires to use your everyday questions and struggles to break through the barriers to the unique space between you and Him. He knows about your wondering and your wandering, your tendencies and your trauma, your suffering and your sin. And just as He knows your past, He knows your present and future, and He plans to use it all to transform your relationship with Him for His glory.


The burning quetstion remains: "In all reality, how do I walk with God?" From Barrier to Breakthrough offers a process to engage your honest questions through a biblical framework and gives you practical, hands-on tools to systematically dismantle the barriers in your relationship with God.

From Barrier to Breakthrough

  •  - Embossed glossy softcover book

     - 232 pages

     - 5.5” x 8.5”

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