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Do you long for more in your spiritual life? Do you ever wonder if you're missing something? Is what you're experiencing with God all there is?


In this 8-session Bible Study, you will have the opportunity to:

  • Ask God, your Good Gardener, to have His way in the soil of your life.
  • Invite Him to break up areas of your heart that have become hardened.
  • Implore Him to water the parched, dry areas of your soul.
  • Boldly welcome Him to prune what does not belong in your life so that what remains will be strengthened.
  • Call for God's Spirit to wake you up to the abundance that lies on the other side of spiritual complacency.


Because yes, there is more!


Join trusted Bible teacher, Jamie Adele Wood, in petitioning God to help you not just survive in your faith - but to FLOURISH!

Leader Kit Includes:

  • 1 copy of the Flourish Bible Study Workbook (leader guide in each workbook to help with questions and discussions within small groups)
  • 2 DVDs with 8 powerful teaching sessions, approximately 25–35 minutes per session.
  • Digital code for online access to streaming all video sessions.



Videos Sessions:

  • Promo Video (2:11). Included.
  • Session 1—Introduction (32:00). Jamie explains what it means to flourish spiritually in this introductory session. Taking a deep dive into Jeremiah 17:7-8, we discover children of God flourish when we place our trust and hope in the Lord, when we are planted by streams of living water, and when we have a deep spiritual root system. We do not have to be afraid when the trials of life come because we know that God is our present help and that challenges pave the way for greater intimacy with Him.
  • Session 2—The Journey Toward Flourishing (30:59). We all share a longing for God to move us from what is to what could be in our walk with Him. But that growth often comes with a cost. It requires us to let go of apathy, busyness, unforgiveness, and life's escapes to pursue an authentic walk with God. This journey of growth is personal (no one can do it for you), painful (often requires letting go), productive (when we say yes to God—even when it's hard—God multiplies it both in our lives and to bless those around us), and permanent (we will be seeking to grow in Jesus until God calls us home).
  • Session 3—From the Ground Up: Roots (32:33). Jamie leads us in an in-depth study to examine the purpose and function of our spiritual roots. We will discover that when we are securely rooted in the love of God and the truth of His Word, those roots anchor us so when the winds, heat, and trials of life come (and come they will), we will not fall over. We will stand firm in Him!
  • Session 4—The One In Charge (31:49). In this session, we focus on God and why He's the Good Gardener that should be invited to have His way in the soil of our lives. We look at what makes Him a Good Gardener—His heart of love, His vision for our lives, His enduring patience, and His expectation that we will respond to Him with our lives and bear fruit for the glory of His name.
  • Session 5—That Stinks (34:54). God uses challenging experiences to pave the way for personal miraculous. Indeed, life stinks sometimes, but Romans 12:12 provides a blueprint for how to flourish amid difficult seasons.
  • Session 6—Pests In The Garden (33:04). Every day, we fight against pests in the garden that regularly attempt to drain us of spiritual vitality. What are those pests, and how can we recognize them? In this powerful session, Jamie equips us with three proactive postures we can stand and take to fight against the enemy's schemes.
  • Session 7—Ouch, That Hurts (30:56). Pruning. It's a word that evokes a strong emotional response, and usually a negative one. But do we realize God snips what is not beneficial because He cares? He removes what is holding us back because our fullness of joy matters to Him. Jamie helps us reevaluate Biblical pruning and uncovers for us how God's pruning work actually highlights His immense love.
  • Session 8—A Fruitful Discussion (24:42). In this final session, Jamie discusses fruitfulness in our lives. Why do we bear fruit? What does fruit look like? What is the purpose of bearing fruit? Jamie helps us to walk away from this study with practical, tangible tools to continue flourishing in our faith for the glory of His name!

Flourish Leader Kit

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