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Do you long for more in your spiritual life? Do you ever wonder if you're missing something? Is what you're experiencing with God all there is?

In this 8-session Bible Study, you will have the opportunity to:

  • Ask God, your Good Gardener, to have His way in the soil of your life.

  • Invite Him to break up areas of your heart that have become hardened.

  • Implore Him to water the parched, dry areas of your soul.

  • Boldly welcome Him to prune what does not belong in your life so that what remains will be strengthened.

  • Call for God's Spirit to wake you up to the abundance that lies on the other side of spiritual complacency.

Because yes, there is more!

Join trusted Bible teacher, Jamie Adele Wood, in petitioning God to help you not just survive in your faith - but to FLOURISH!



  • Leader guide in each workbook to help facilitate discussion within small groups.

  • Engaging, daily study to get you and keep you in God's Word.

  • 8 helpful and relatable teaching sessions to compliment this study, giving you practical tools to flourish in your spiritual journey.

Flourish Bible Study
Flourish Bible Study
Flourish Bible Study
Flourish Bible Study
Flourish Bible Study
Flourish Bible Study
Flourish Bible Study
Flourish Bible Study


God definitely has his hands on this study and your teaching. It is life giving and God honoring. Your love for god and the Word is evident and your desire that we would have that same love is obvious.


We kicked off the study last week and oh my goodness!  God is blessing us beyond measure! Our class is growing - women from outside the church are coming in! It’s truly amazing to see how God is breathing energy and new life into our Women’s Bible Study and into each of us who are participating.


We were the first to experience this beautiful Flourish study. I would highly recommend this for your group. We saw God’s truth, transparency and transformation of lives during our semester with Jamie. Truly a wonderful woman of God, giving Him all the glory. Amazing study!


Flourish: A Journey in Pursuit of Abundance is an essential Bible study for spiritual growth! Author Jamie Adele Wood shares practical tools - from our roots to our fruits - for a flourishing life in Christ. You’ll be refreshed, challenged, and even pruned, so you’ll bear much fruit, and God will be glorified! Jeremiah 17:7-8

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