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Heart Check

"See if there is any offensive way in me, and lead me in the way everlasting.” - Psalm 139:24

After reading this I realized that what’s offensive to God may not be offensive to me because I’m good at tolerating sin. Therefore, I need His eyes, His perspective and His direction out of these blind spots and pit falls. Make no mistake about it, He leads and we follow! We cannot fix ourselves or try harder or read one more book about overcoming this or that to correct heart issues. It is His cleansing Word, healing touch and guiding eye that we are to be fixated on. End result – not always happiness, but most definitely holiness.

• What offensive ways are you tolerating in your life? • Are you seeking the ways of the world or the ways of the Word to overcome these obstacles? • How do your lifestyle and prayer life reveal that you’re pursuing either happiness or holiness?

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